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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: 5 Takeaways from Week 13

The 49ers landed back on earth after a loss to Seattle which ended their three-game win streak.

The San Francisco 49ers lost yet another game against the Seattle Seahawks with a 30-23 score. Here are the top 5 takeaways from the mind-boggling loss.

The NFL was right to flex this game.

The game was originally slated for Sunday Night Football. The governing body made the correct call two weeks before moving this game out of primetime. The games the Seahawks have played were similar to Halloween horror movies this season. The 49ers came up with a matching performance at Lumen Filed to provide mental scars to the fans who watched the game.

Both teams tried their best to lose the game, but the visiting team was too generous to delay the first losing season of Russell Wilson's career.

"We will be on the highlight reel every week."

The 49ers special teams live by that motto. Special teams are not just the Achilles heel of this team but a widespread cancer killing any hope of living through a season for the 49ers.

The special teams were responsible for multiple losses last season that prevented the 49ers from reaching for a playoff spot.

Special teams ruined punts and kickoffs in both the games against Seattle this season, which resulted in points. With no designated punt or kick returner, the 49ers look severely vulnerable. The Seahawks scored with a 73-yard fake punt while the Vikings scored during kick return last week.

Robbie Gould continues to decline, but the contract is heavily unfavored for the 49ers to get rid of him without dead cap next year.

Goerge Kittle finally decided to join the party.

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Kittle had key contributions throughout this season, but came nowhere near the hefty price tag the 49ers were paying. In this game, he single-handedly tried to win the game unsuccessfully.

Kittle had a total of 193 yards to show for his efforts with two touchdowns. This would have been the talking point in any other game. Unfortunately, the agony of losing to a struggling divisional rival took the joy out of that splendid performance.

No Deebo, No run

On paper, Deebo Samuel is a wide receiver. But it is hard to believe how the 49ers are struggling without him in their run game. Elijah Mitchell had 66 yards in 22 carries -- below the efficient range. Without the explosiveness of Samuel, the 49ers struggled to set the run in motion.

The special teams of Seatlle pinned the 49ers deep every time, which caused the 49ers to battle hard to keep drives alive. The 49ers called similar running plays with Kittle in this game but did not produce results close to what Samuel would have accomplished.

Officiating is not to blame

Goerge Kittle was brutal yet honest in his answer last week about complaints made by Vikings coach Mike Zimmer. Kittle went on to say, "If you're going to sit on the sideline and complain about holding the whole time, I'd tell your guys to make better plays."

The 49ers fans were delighted to hear the words from their star player but forgot it immediately with the loss against the Seahawks. With the focus on taunting penalties, questionable calls are being made.

The reality is that good teams do not let games be decided by external factors. Just before halftime, the 49er's indiscipline cost them two personal fouls. That helped Seattle close the half trailing by just two points after struggling to convert many third downs early in the game.

The excuses do not offset the mistakes of this team unless the correct decisions are made on the field.