Three 49ers are Favorites to Win Comeback Player of Year

Plenty of 49ers are favorites to win an award in 2021.
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Plenty of 49ers are favorites to win an award in 2021.

A couple of them for example are Trey Lance for Offensive Rookie of the Year and Kyle Shanahan for Coach of the Year. It doesn’t stop there.

Three 49ers are favorites to win the Comeback Player of the Year Award.

Those three are Nick Bosa (+1000), George Kittle (+1000), and Jimmy Garoppolo (+1200) according to DraftKings Sportsbook. 

These three are in the top eight for players favored to win the award. The other players in the running are Dak Prescott (+210), Joe Burrow (+700), Saquon Barkley (+700), Christian McCaffrey (+800), and Carson Wentz(+1000). The fact that these three 49ers are grouped and considered for this award is pretty absurd. 

Only Bosa is the legitimate candidate to be considered here since he actually missed the whole season due to a torn ACL. You could make the case for Garoppolo somewhat just because it was just an awful year along with injuries, but I still wouldn’t put him in this category. Kittle especially should not be mentioned in the same breathe here, so Bosa is the focus.

Bosa has a decent chance of winning this award, especially if he rounds into his 2019 form. Coming back from a torn ACL can definitely make it tough on him to reach that level of play again this year, so if he is able to do that then he should definitely be considered. He does have tough competition, but with the odds he has, it wouldn’t be a bad flyer to take.

Would you bet on any of these three 49ers to win the Comeback Player of the Year award?