What Position do the 49ers Need to Target in the Draft After Quarterback?

Even though the 49ers are taking care of the most important position with the No. 3 pick, they still have some needs to address.
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The 49ers taking a quarterback third is a guarantee.

What isn't a guarantee is what other position the 49ers will look to draft next. Even though the 49ers are taking care of the most important position with the No. 3 pick, they still have some needs to address.

The second round will be when the 49ers look to answer one of those needs, or they could even trade back into the first round. You never know with John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan should the opportunity arise to get back in. They have done it twice during their tenure, so do not rule it out.

So what position do the 49ers need to target in the draft after quarterback?

There is only one answer: cornerback.

It is time for the 49ers to finally invest some heavy draft capital into the cornerback position. The 49ers have not drafted a cornerback in the first three rounds since Lynch and Shanahan took over. Usually, they look to free agency to answer that need, which has actually worked sufficiently. 

But the 49ers cannot continue to neglect it. They need a player to solidify the position for the next four years. And I am not saying that one player is the answer, but they do need a player under contract for the foreseeable future. 

If Jason Verrett has himself another top-notch year, then he could very well go to another team to get cashed out. He did leave a multi-year deal on the table this past free agency, so I am sure whoever that team was will poke his shoulder again.

The 49ers just need someone they can finally develop and keep around to be that cornerstone. They already have one player on each level of the defense who is a cornerstone with Fred Warner and Nick Bosa. Now is the time to get one in the secondary by drafting a cornerback so the 49ers can continue maintaining the culture of the defense and the overall team.

Drafting a cornerback such as Flordia State's Asante Samuel Jr. should he fall to the 49ers at No. 43 is the ideal scenario for the 49ers, but by no means should they force it. Just take the best player available. Drafting by needs isn't always the best course of action, and picking in the second round should just be about taking who is best. 

So if that means it is a wide receiver or a linebacker, the 49ers should absolutely take him. Because the NFL draft is a crapshoot after the first few picks. Samuel Jr. falling to 43 would be stellar, but if not the 49ers need to take the next most impactful player.