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Why the 49ers Need Dee Ford to Return Against the Seahawks

Having Dee Ford back will certainly aid in covering up the loss of Fred Warner.

Fred Warner will miss the first game of his career versus Seattle.

It is a game that, despite the Seahawks being in a poor state, cannot be overlooked. The 49ers have won only ONCE in Seattle since 2011 dating back to the season finale in 2019 when Dre Greenlaw clinched the NFC West with his game saving goal line stand.

Everything looks to be in the 49ers' favor going into this matchup, but the 49ers themselves must not view it that way. Having Warner absent, not to mention Deebo Samuel on offense, is a blow to the them. The defense has never had to operate without Warner, so it will certainly be challenging. 

This is why the 49ers need Dee Ford to return against the Seahawks.

The best remedy for any defensive ailment, whether it is a thin linebacker room or porous secondary, is a staunch pass rush. Nick Bosa has essentially been the 49ers' pass rush all season long. That needs to end quickly and it is Ford who is the best player to bring that aid. 

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Russell Wilson is not an easy quarterback to bring down. The 49ers will need all hands on deck to continue Wilson's nightmare season. Not to mention that the Seahawks' backs are against the wall at this point. They are in total desperation mode after falling to the Washington Football Team on Monday Night Football. That put them on a three game losing streak along with losing six out of their last seven games. 

Now, I do not think the Seahawks have it in them to unload the clip and give the 49ers a handful. They look like they have way too many issues to overcome even with the 49ers hurting.

Still, it is Russell Wilson. 

It does not matter how average and lowly he has looked. The 49ers know all too well to never sleep on him. That is why having Ford back will be a nice boost and cover up for losing Warner. Wilson hasn't had great pocket presence recently either, so Ford will be an all-around help on defense. Plus, if the 49ers can get Maurice Hurst Jr. back as well, he will provide the perfect reinforcement. Hurst is a solid interior pass rusher, which the 49ers will need to force Wilson to step up the pocket. 

Should Ford be able to go against the Seahawks, expect him to be on his typical snap count. I would guess that 15 to 20 snaps will be in his allotment for this matchup. You just have to hope that they will mostly be impactful snaps because the 49ers cannot have a quiet day from Ford.