Anthony Muñoz Says Action, Not Words Are Key to Social Injustice Movement

Anthony Muñoz says Action, Not Words Are Key to Social Injustice Movement

CINCINNATI — NFL legend Anthony Muñoz was a great football player, but he might be an even better human being. 

Not only is he one of the nicest people on the planet, but the greatest player in Bengals' history has made an enormous impact on the community with his foundation

Muñoz knows how tough 2020 has been on people. From COVID-19 to the social injustice movement, things haven't been easy. 

The Hall of Famer loves seeing the NFL and teams like the Bengals donating money to the social justice movement, but he believes that action is the key to making real, sustainable change.

"To me, it's all about action," Muñoz said in an exclusive interview with AllBengals. "You can have different sayings on the field or uniform. You can give money. You can step up and talk about it, but it's about really being a part of the solution. What are you doing in the community to be a part of the solution? What are you doing with law enforcement? What are you doing with the young men and women in the community? All I can say is I encourage these young men not to just talk, but walk."

Muñoz's foundation has had a positive impact on the greater Cincinnati area since 2002. They hold various camps and seminars for kids in the community. They have a scholarship find that helps high schoolers go to college

"I was always a lead by example [type of person], said very few words," Muñoz continued. "That's what I've been trying to do for 20+ years is being in the community with my team and saying 'young man, you can be successful, but your skin is different than mine, we're going to work together. You're going to respect me. I'm going to respect you. You're going to respect how we believe, what we think.'"

Muñoz knows that there are a lot of good people in and around the NFL that are willing to help. He called upon them to help make a difference with their actions, not just their words.

"You can talk all you want, but unless you roll up your sleeves and you're out there with law enforcement, you're out there with the community trying to be the solution," Muñoz said. "It's about getting out and being the solution to the problem and not just verbalizing. Talk is cheap, man."

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