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Joe Burrow Was 'Too Scared' to Watch Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings as a Kid

Joe Burrow Doesn't Want to Watch Your Favorite Scary Movie

CINCINNATI — Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is already one of the toughest players in the NFL. 

He's been sacked 28 times this season and pressured on 20.6% of his dropbacks. The rookie has been hit countless times. 

Burrow continues to play through it and has helped the Bengals already reach their win total from a season ago. The 23-year-old admitted he was mentally and physically refreshed after the Bengals' Week 9 bye week. 

He caught up on some of his favorite television shows during his time away from Paul Brown Stadium. 

Burrow watched 'The Queen's Gambit,' which is one of the more popular shows currently streaming on Netflix. He also started 'House,' which aired from 2004-12. 

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The shocking part about Burrow's television preferences isn't what he watched. It's why he waited until 2020 to watch the popular drama starring Hue Laurie. 

"My parents watched that show growing up [House], but I was too scared to watch it," Burrow said. "I was scared of everything growing up. I still don't like scary movies. I don't like haunted houses or anything like that. I couldn't watch Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, House... I was like strictly a SpongeBob, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon kinda guy."

It's no secret that Burrow is a SpongeBob fan, but the fact that he was scared to watch Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings growing up is quite an admission. 

Burrow is in the process of facing his childhood fears. He's on season two of 'House.'

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