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Randy Moss Says He's the Greatest Receiver Ever, Terrell Owens is Second and Jerry Rice is 'Third or Fourth'

Moss believes he's the GOAT

CINCINNATI — Most people believe Jerry Rice is the greatest wide receiver ever. He was a 13-time Pro Bowler, 10-time All-Pro and three-time Super Bowl champion. 

The Hall of Famer finished his 21-year career with 22,985 receiving yards and 197 touchdown receptions—both are the most in NFL history. 

Despite all of his accomplishments, former Vikings and Patriots great Randy Moss believes Rice is the "third or fourth" best receiver in NFL history. 

“I’ll put myself first, I’ll put T.O. second,” Moss said on Terrell Owens' podcast. “Jerry's probably third or fourth. I’m talking about dominating the game and changing the game of football. I don’t live on statistics because if you live on statistics and live on championships that’s all political. You’ve seen guys released or cut from a team just by a couple words in the media. You’ve seen guys given contracts or you’ve seen guys not given contracts just because of the color of their skin. You’ve got to throw politics out of the game of football, and look at the impact of what each individual was able to make in the game of football.”

Owens backed up Moss' comments by mentioning the quarterbacks that Rice caught passes from throughout his career. 

“When you think about Jerry and the quarterbacks he played with, he never had a drop-off in quarterback," Owens said. "He went from one Hall of Fame quarterback to another."

Moss went on to say they weren't trying to bash any of Rice's accomplishments and it didn't feel like that was their goal. 

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Both Owens were great, but Rice was a different breed. 

Sure, he played with Joe Montana and Steve Young. He also helped Rich Gannon become NFL MVP late in his career. 

Rice averaged over 1,000-yards receiving from 2001-03 with the Raiders. He was 41 when he run with Oakland ended in 2003. 

Meanwhile, Moss stopped playing at 35-years-old. Owens was done at 37. 

Rice has the stats, the longevity, the attitude and the championships. He's the GOAT.

Everyone else is battling for second place. 

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