Quarterback Josh Allen on Buffalo heading into the AFC playoffs:

"That’s why we play the regular season, to give ourselves a shot. We played well enough to get 10 wins and get ourselves to the playoff and now everyone’s record is 0-0. It’s win or go home. We have some really good plays ready for game plan coming up and whether it’s on Saturday or Sunday, our focus is fully on Houston and trying to go out there and execute. It’s team that we are going to fight, we are going to be resilient and leave everything on the field."

Sean McDermott on the Bills loss to the Jets:

"Yeah, we came up short a little bit today. I thought it was a good opportunity to get the guys out there and get some quality reps from some of the guys that don't get maybe as many line of scrimmage reps as they did today. It was a good look at some of the guys and so we came up a little bit short, certainly need to do some things better. But our focus at this point moves on to the playoffs and grow as a football team."

Wide Receiver Duke Williams on his teammates reaction to his career high day:

"I know those guys have my back 100%. That’s why I wake up happy in the morning, coming into the locker room and being with all my brothers. Without them I’d probably be down and out right now, discouraged. By them keeping me up every day and every practice telling me, It’s going to be alright, your time’s coming and when your time comes, show them,” and that’s what I did. So, big-ups to my teammates."

Allen on staying focused this past week:

"No. Same routine, try to keep the same thing and prepare like I was going to play the whole game. I didn’t watch one thing of Houston or Kansas City. We are going to get more into that tomorrow morning when we go in. I’m excited. We are in the dance and we gave ourselves the shot so now we have to go, like I said, execute."

Rookie Tight End Tommy Sweeney on Buffalo going to the playoffs:

"This is what it’s all about, it’s why you start the season off, to win the last game. We’re here in the playoffs, let’s reset today, get back next week and get a win."