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Bills' Dion Dawkins has a Pointed Message for Critics

The left tackle insists he and his teammates on the offensive line will pick each other up even if nobody else does.

Nobody circles the wagons like the offensive line of the Buffalo Bills.

That was essentially the message left tackle Dion Dawkins sent on Thursday after practice, when asked about the confidence level of the line, which has gone four straight games without allowing a sack of quarterback Josh Allen.

"It's just us, cuz the world dropped us, you know? The world dropped us on our head," Dawkins said, "and it was just us to pick each other up. And we as a unit know that. So it's literally just, no disrespect, but it's just F everybody and just focus on ourselves.

"Like we don't need anybody to tell us that we're good and we're doing a good job anymore. Like it's all us. I'm going to tell [center] Mitch [Morse] that he's doing a great job, Mitch is going to tell me that I'm doing a great job. I'm going to tell [right tackle] Spencer [Brown], [right guard] Daryl [Williams] is going to tell [left guard Ryan] Bates, and it's just going to keep going around in a big circle. And we're going to continue to just pick each other up and leave the outside world out until we get this thing done."

This, of course, was Dawkins raising his middle finger to the critics who said before the Bills straightened most of their offensive problems out that the offensive line wasn't good enough to get them to the playoffs, much less advance with a perfect performance that included touchdowns on their first seven possessions in last Saturday night's 47-17 win over New England.

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 Suffice to say the confidence level is high going into Sunday night's divisional-round showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs.

"We've got to just focus on ourselves," Dawkins said. "We understand the type of players that they have there. They're a great team, they're a Super Bowl team. They have won the whole thing with the guys that are there, so we understand that they're at a different caliber than a lot of oganizations and a lot of players."

To conquer them, Dawkins added, "we just have to do what we do well, and that's just play our style of ball. We have to work, we have to outwork, we have to run around, we have to just be us. And that's exactly what we're going to ... and the chips will fall however the chips have got to fall."

The video with this story captures all of Dawkins' words, along with those of cornerback Levi Wallace. Have a look.

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