Bills looking at loss of coordinators, but first things first

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier are head-coaching candidates now but have business to finish in Buffalo

By going 13-3 in the regular season and holding serve in the first round of the playoffs, the Buffalo Bills have put themselves in serious jeopardy of losing offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.

These are just the facts of life in the NFL. Teams with head-coaching openings routinely seek the top assistants of teams without head-coaching openings.

That makes Daboll and Frazier valued commodities, and the Bills will not stand in the way of their upward mobility.

Still it's not hard to understand why neither coach was willing to discuss a potential job change with the Baltimore Ravens coming to town on Saturday for a divisional round game.

Daboll on Sunday was interviewed for the New York Jets' vacancy. How that went will not be answered until later.

"I'm focused on getting ready for this game," Daboll said. "I appreciate the question. ... I understand it, but we're moving on to this game here."

Frazier admitted the Houston Texans contacted him to set up an interview for their opening. But that's as far as he went with that subject.

"You know, I'm really thrilled with what we're doing here in Buffalo and withh so much left to be accomplished in this season," Frazier said. "That would thrill me as much as anything to see us continue to play. For us to get our first playoff win here in 25 years and be a part of that, to be a part of the staff that broke the 17 year drought, winning the AFC East, there's just so much more to be done with this team and this season that it's hard to think about a whole lot of other things.

"You know, we've got so much to prepare for with this [Ravens] offense because it's so unique. You really have to stay focused on what you have to get done. There will be a time where I'll think a little bit about some of the things that may be out there, but for now I really have my hands full with what we're trying to get accomplished."

Daboll is coveted for his work in turning what was an anemic offense into the second-highest scoring unit in the league behind NFC frontrunner Green Bay. He did that mostly by helping transform Josh Allen from a tentative, mistake-prone rookie in 2018 to a playoff-caliber quarterback in 2019 to a bona fide MVP candidate this season.

Frazier has been a head coach before and almost certainly will be again if the Bills have anything to say about it. And apparently they have.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Bills co-owner Kim Pegula has been promoting Frazier to her peers around the league.

The Bills obviously would prefer not to deal with anything like that until February. They still have three more games to win.