3 Big Weaknesses Leading to Broncos 0-2 Start

Erick Trickel

The Denver Broncos have had a really rough few weeks as they've limped out to another 0-2 start. There have been some bright spots in those two losses, but a lot of areas of struggle. 

The Broncos have multiple weaknesses and they'll need to overcome them if they want to turn this season around. With some of these weaknesses, the answers are unclear, while others are just going to take time to resolve.

No matter how resilient this team is, at the end of the day, it has to win games. The Broncos have a lot going against them, which adds to their resiliency. The talent on this team is undeniable, even as banged up as they are. 

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A big part of the problem is getting chemistry down with as many new pieces as Denver has, but that's going to take time and it's on the coaches to try and speed it up as much as possible.

With all the struggles the Broncos are dealing with, the three main areas of weakness are quite obvious. Some of these holes are not as you might think, but they're still an issue. 

In the video above, I name and break down all three weaknesses and grasp at how this team can overcome them. There's still time yet to turn this season around, despite all the injuries. 

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Dick Hanky
Dick Hanky

They just refuse to bench Wilks and try Dotson, not much of a commitment to protecting the QB. Definition of insanity.


So sick of hearing Wilkinson name. Needs benched but Broncos ain't gonna do it unless he gets hurt


Ball control football- run the ball, stay in bounds, quick slants, boot legs an runs stay in bounds- keep the clock running and keep the ball out of Brady’s hands... there fixed it for ya

Jay pat
Jay pat

Time for Muti... aggression required!!