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Vic Fangio Answers For 'Dust-Up' at Broncos Practice: 'A Little Frustration'

Such is life after two straight (bad) losses.

Unbeknownst to prying eyes, a "dust-up" occurred between unnamed Denver Broncos players during Wednesday's practice, head coach Vic Fangio admitted.

But don't worry about who started what, because Fangio isn't.

"A little frustration. Nothing major," he said Thursday, confirming media reports regarding the incident.

Fangio also deferred on the "why?"

“Just guys doing their job the right way, that’s all," he said.

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There are two schools of thought when something like this happens to a team reeling from consecutive drubbings. The first is the Doomsday Scenario: bad blood boiling over, and its leader — Fangio — unable to contain the mess. The embattled head man has faced increasing scrutiny following Denver's 3-0 start, with many underscoring his lame-duck status under rookie general manager George Paton. It's all downhill from here, these doomsayers firmly believe. Same old (post-Peyton) Broncos.

Supporting this sect is a trust-related question Fangio was forced to answer. Which is the last question he wanted to answer. A question you only get in end times.

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“I believe we have the right guys in there. We have some good leaders, and everybody’s intentions are all for the good. You just have to fight through these times. It gets tough at times," Fangio conceded Wednesday. "Some doubt can creep in from all different angles, but you have to fight through that, have a great week of preparation and go out and play your best on the following week.”

The second school is the age-old glass-half-full approach. Sunshiners among Broncos Country view the "dust-up" as a positive harbinger for a squad lacking spit and vinegar on gamedays, a sign the players are as frustrated with losing as the fan base. And that's set to change — fast — beginning Sunday at home against the hated Raiders.

Accountability has returned to Dove Valley, right? This squabble can be spun as good, yes?

“Yeah, in some ways it can. Yeah," Fangio said.

Rationalization aside, it matters not what transpires at practice or is uttered behind the podium. The truth, as they say, resides in the pudding.

And, in less than 48 hours, the truth will be known, one school accredited.

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