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Browns Offense a Dud Against Falcons, But Should Remain Aggressive

The Cleveland Browns needed a productive day from their offense to beat the Atlanta Falcons on the road. The Falcons defense made their share of plays, but the Browns couldn't get out of their own way.
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The Cleveland Browns needed their offense to carry them if they were going to beat the Atlanta Falcons. That didn't happen as both coaches and players wasted opportunities and left points on the field throughout the game resulting in a disappointing loss for the team.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski has already received criticism for going for the touchdown over the field goal on the first drive of the game. However, in that situation, I agree with his decision to go for it. 4th-and-3 inside the five and the Browns could have picked up a first down.

Jacoby Brissett was flushed to his right and threw the ball away rather than either looking back left to what were open options including tight end Harrison Bryant standing in the end zone. He also could have just lowered his shoulder and tried to plow through for the first down. Instead, he threw the ball away, giving no one a chance to make the play.

Maybe the Browns should've called a different play, but the play was there to be made. And while deferring to calling Jacoby Brissett a backup quarterback is easy, he played well the past two weeks and is being counted on to start for at least 11 games this season. Brissett wanted the ball in his hands, wanted to make the play and failed. It's disappointing, but it happens.

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Perhaps opting for a field goal would've been prudent. It's a road game. It's early. Nevertheless, with how easily the Browns went down the field and how well they have played offensively the last few weeks, I applaud for Stefanski making that call.

I was also thrilled when Stefanski went for it on 4th-and-1 on his own 29-yard line. Even though it's a yard, it goes against convention and he would've been torn to shreds had they come up short. Having an aircraft carrier under center helps to make that decision easier. The same confidence was in play on 3rd-and-1 when Brissett went deep to Donovan Peoples-Jones for a 42-yard gain. Stefanski knew he was going to go for it on fourth down, so it enabled him to take a shot on third. It paid off handsomely.

The last thing that should happen is for Stefanski to lose this game and suddenly decide to lose that edge. It's the right way to play it, both in terms of tactics and maintaining the respect of his players.