Jedrick Wills Hurts Leg on Jarvis Landry Touchdown, Ruled Out

On a key 4th-and-1 conversion that the Cleveland Browns scored a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs, they saw their left tackle Jedrick Wills go down with a leg injury.

Cleveland Browns left tackle Jedrick Wills has been carted to the locker room after he was briefly in the medical tent. He suffered a leg injury that kept him down before gingerly walking off the field with help.

The Cleveland Browns were able to score a touchdown on a jet sweep to Jarvis Landry to increase their lead to 15-3 against the Kansas City Chiefs, but it came with what could be a devastating cost.

Wills appeared to be rolled up on and immediately grabbed his leg. He stayed down and was evaluated by medical personnel while the play was reviewed. It was 4th-and-1 and Landry easily made the line to gain, but they were able to get into the end zone as well.

Wills was taken back to the locker room on a cart, which is awful news as the Browns lose their left tackle at least for the foreseeable future. Chris Hubbard stepped in to play left tackle.

Wills, entering his second year, was poised to make a mass improvement. He had swapped from right tackle to left tackle as a rookie and had an opportunity to not only get comfortable there, but get stronger as well.

Should Wills be out for a significant amount of time or possibly the year, the Browns offensive line depth at tackle is largely spent. Blake Hance is likely the next man up if the Browns need another tackle. Fortunately for the Browns, Hubbard is no stranger to stepping in for the Browns and was quite effective in 2020.

Wills' return has been called questionable.

UPDATE: Wills has been ruled out of the game.

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