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NBA Star Wants to Play Tight End for Tom Brady and Buccaneers

The young NBA star recently took to the gridiron to showcase his skills.

Anthony Edwards is one of the brightest young stars the NBA has to offer. The former first overall pick (2020), and starting small forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves is a mainstay on NBA highlight reels in part due to his explosive athleticism and acrobatic finishes above the rim. 

We've recently come to learn that Edwards' athleticism apparently extends beyond the hardwood. This past week, video footage of 'Ant Man' throwing and catching passes on a football field spread like wildfire. It even caught the attention of the most accomplished quarterback in the history of the NFL, and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback, Tom Brady.

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Despite having only two NBA seasons under his belt, Edwards does not lack confidence. He's very much outspoken, and quite frankly, highly entertaining when discussing pretty much anything. So it's no surprise that he was quick to respond to Tom Brady's tweet in jest. 

Standing at 6 foot 4, and 235 pounds, there's no doubt that Edwards possesses an NFL caliber frame, with all of the athletic traits required to be a football player. It's not uncommon, as many NBA and NFL players grew up playing both sports, with many of the athletic traits and skills being highly transferrable between the two sports.

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Despite this, I think it goes without saying that Anthony Edwards' impressive athletic abilities will continue serve him best on the basketball court. It's also the clearest path for him to continue to accrue millions of dollars. 

So although I wouldn't recommend for Anthony Edwards to make an attempt to switch sports, I'd certainly be willing to watch him and Brady throw the football around – simply to hear what sort of conversations might take place between two of the more interesting personalities in professional sports – if nothing else. 

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