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Bruce Arians on Diverse Staff: 'My Job is to Create Head Coaches'

Bucs head coach is building the next generation of head coaches by developing a diverse staff of coordinators.

It doesn't take a long look to realize the NFL has a diversity problem in their coaching ranks, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians is doing his best to help fix it.

All three of Arians' coordinators in Tampa Bay are coaches of color: Todd Bowles on defense, Byron Leftwich on offense, and Keith Armstrong on special teams. 

Appearing recently on NFL Network, Arians tells Steve Wyche about his philosophy of creating head coaches, and opening the door for candidates who haven't been getting a fair shake:

As Arians explains, all three of his coordinators have a long history with him as coaches and players, detailing the importance of that trust and experience with one another. But he's quick to point out that their own merits are why the deserve to move up the coaching chain at the game's highest level, something minority coaches have found quite difficult. 

Time will tell if the league will give these coordinators a chance to be head coaches (again, for Bowles), but Arians is clearly on a mission to give them every opportunity to do so.