How Many Touchdowns Will Rob Gronkowski Score in 2020?

See how many "Gronk-spikes" the odds-makers think we'll get this season.
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made another big splash this offseason when they traded for Rob Gronkowski, but how big of an impact will he make on the field this year?

Tom Brady's favorite target from New England is coming out of retirement to join him in Tampa Bay, and they've hooked up for plenty of touchdowns over the years. 

But how many will Gronkowski score in 2020? The over/under is currently set at five, according to OddsChecker.

"We're all buzzing to see our favorite goofball return to football, and even those who aren't Bucs fans - except perhaps some disgruntled Pats - will be looking forward to seeing that famous 'Gronk Spike' again," says OddsChecker spokesman Pete Watt. "The big question is how many we'll get to see, with some concerns about his body holding up to a tenth season, after having had a year out of the game and a that huge injury record." "The chemistry and understanding he has with Tom Brady is undeniable though, and the return of Rob Gronkowski is going to be one of the talking points this season."

"Given that he only hit three receiving TDs in his last season and has only exceeded 5 once since 2016, an over/under of 5 indicates the books belief that we're going to see a revitalised Gronk," Watt says.

Injuries limited Gronkowski in those years where his touchdown numbers dipped, so hopefully for Bucs fans, a year out of the game has rested his body enough to where he can last the full 2020 season. That's also helped by the fact that the Bucs have a loaded depth chart at tight end, which means Gronkowski won't have to play every snap.