Could Antonio Brown Join Tom Brady in Tampa Bay?

Could AB get a reunion with both Tom Brady and Bruce Arians as the Bucs try to make a Super Bowl run?
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Yes, this is still a thing, apparently.

Despite the fact that earlier this offseason, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians made it pretty darn clear that "it's not gonna happen," there are still some who believe Antonio Brown could eventually land with the Bucs before the 2020 season:

It makes for good conversation, sure. The idea of AB reuniting with his former (if briefly) quarterback in Tom Brady, and his former offensive coordinator from the Pittsburgh Steelers in Arians, is certainly a fun one to think about. Adding someone with Brown's skill set to an offense already loaded with talented pass-catchers would be something to behold.

That said, the Bucs don't have a huge need for another mouth to feed in the passing game, especially after luring Rob Gronkowski out of retirement. They already have to Pro Bowl wide receivers in their prime in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, and while Brown would likely love a chance to tag along for the ride as the Bucs try to make a deep playoff run with Brady at the helm, the fit would be questionable from many different fronts.

It's possible Brady could be pushing to add Brown, wanting as many weapons as possible for his Super Bowl run in Tampa Bay, but I would err on the side of Arians holding his ground on this one.