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Tom Brady, NFL's Most Valuable QB?

One metric suggests the GOAT has been the NFL's most valuable player at the game's most important position.

He may be 43 years old, but Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is still the most valuable quarterback in the NFL.

At least that's what the folks at Pro Football Focus say, when it comes to calculating the ever-growing "Wins Above Replacement" statistic. Since 2017, Brady has the best mark of any quarterback in the entire league in that category, per PFF:

Brady comes in ahead of some usual suspects in Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes, but it still might come as a surprise to many that even in his 40s, Brady is still proving to be as valuable as any other quarterback in the league.

In Tampa Bay, the Bucs will hope he can be just as valuable in 2020 as he's been throughout his 20-year career in New England, bringing some of his Super Bowl success to a team that hasn't tasted in in nearly that same two-decade span.

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