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Snoop Dogg shares that he partied with Tom Brady after every Super Bowl win

Rapper Snoop Dogg revealed that he and Buccaneers' QB Tom Brady partied together after every Super Bowl win.

Winning a Super Bowl is hard, yet Buccaneers' quarterback Tom Brady has 7 of them. After every Super Bowl, the winning team celebrates with after-parties and parades. The maybe not so well-known aspect of these parties and celebrations is the celebrities that attend to partake in the festivities.

In a 2021 Sirius radio sit down, Tom Brady and Snoop Dogg discussed Snoop's presence at these Super Bowl parties and the relationship that he and Brady share.

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"I was at the party. I party with everybody. Even though I'm a Steelers fan, I showed up for my Patriots. I showed up on TV, and Mr. Kraft and he and I were performing. I was hanging out, I was doing everything I needed to do to be part of the Patriot family. And I thank them all for welcoming me. That was love."

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Snoop mentioned that he was there for every New England Patriots' Super Bowl party and that he had a great relationship with the whole front office as well as Brady. Snoop Dogg is a known fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but overall just loves the game of football. He just recently showed his love for the defending champion and Snoop's hometown team the Los Angeles Rams.

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Brady and Snoop being together sounds like a great time and one can only imagine how amazing those post-Super Bowl parties were. Since leaving New England and joining the Bucs, Brady has let loose giving fans an inside look at how he is when he does party and it was a sight to see.

Hopefully, Brady and the Bucs can win another Super Bowl come the 2022-23 season so Snoop D-O-double G can make his way to Tampa Bay.

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