Buccaneers QB Tom Brady's Rookie Trading Card Sells for $2.25M

Tom Brady's rookie card sets history, a month after Tom Brady's rookie card set history.
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(Nearly) double it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback Tom Brady saw his rookie trading card sell for a whopping $1.32 million just this past March, which was believed to set the record for individual trading card sales in history.

According to ESPN, the same style card sold for a new record of $2.25 million on Friday.

"The 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Rookie Ticket card is autographed and numbered 99 out of 100, meaning only 100 copies of this particular card were produced. The version that sold in March to Fitbit CEO James Park was graded as an 8 with the autograph graded a 10. The card that sold Friday was graded as an 8.5 with a 9 on the autograph, but the buyer for this particular card wishes to stay anonymous.

"Brady's rookie card broke the record back in March, beating out a Patrick Mahomes card that sold for $861,000 in the beginning of February. The 2017 National Treasures autographed Mahomes card was graded a 9 and was one of only five of that specific card. That sale broke the previous record, which was held by another Brady card that sold for $555,988 in January." - ESPN

This is what happens when you're considered the greatest ever at your job, at least in sports: Tiny pieces of cardboard with your picture and your John Hancock become as worthy as any collector's item on the market. Trading card trades and sales have exploded during the coronavirus pandemic, which perhaps led to an inflated value for rarer cards.