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Todd Bowles: Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady Still Has 'It Factor'

Let's face it, Tom Brady is cooler at nearly 45 years old than most have been in their whole lives

Appearing on The Herd with Colin Cowherd recently, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles was asked about his coaching philosophy, but also about his legendary quarterback Tom Brady. 

Todd Bowles

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Cowherd initially asked about the influence Brady would have over the offense, to which Bowles replied that side of the ball would basically be running the way it has the past two seasons with offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich in charge, but collaborating with his quarterback as much as it would be reasonable to do so. 

The conversation turned to lessons, as it always does with Brady. Just about everyone who's come in contact with the quarterback says they've learned something. 

For Bowles' secondary, they've gained some common knowledge other opponents of Brady's have learned. 

Be on time, or he'll make you pay. 

"He taught...some of the younger (defensive backs) just never take plays off," Bowles told Cowherd. "Because if you are lacking in your technique one way or the other and you're a half step late on your break and you're not looking at the ball...that ball is going to be in there complete."


It sounds so simple, but it's a valuable lesson and a weapon for Brady, one he's been using since he first jumped onto the NFL stage as a second-year back up to New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe after being drafted in the sixth round just one year prior. 

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When Brady stepped on the field in 2001 nobody expected what came after, and nobody expected a run like the one we've witnessed. 

And as this may be the last season in the most accomplished sports career in history, Bowles reflected the fact Brady is still playing, but also still leading young men who could be his sons.

"Most of us stop playing in our early thirties if not at thirty. To still be playing like he does and have that kind of relationship he does with the locker room - young and older guys - is unbelievable," Bowles said. "It's a trait that you really can't teach, it's something that you gotta have, and that 'it factor' that everyone talks about, he has it."

Brady Evans

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Whatever it is that Tom Brady has, the Bucs are certainly happy to have it back again for another chance at adding a third Lombardi Trophy to the franchise trophy case, and an eighth Super Bowl ring to the quarterback's Hall of Fame resume. 

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