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How Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady's Passer Scores Stack Up

Some surprises to be seen, perhaps, in how the Bucs quarterback ranks among his peers.

Stats only tell part of the story, and while Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has the most impressive one of them all - seven Super Bowl wins - he's not going to lead the league in everything, every year.

In fact, in a recent rankings compilation of the 10 best deep-ball passers in the NFL, Brady didn't even make the list. 

Although he did earn an honorable mention for just barely missing the cut. 

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But before we get too bent out of shape, back-to-back MVP Aaron Rodgers came in 10th. 

And when you look at the deep ball passer scores provided by's Next Gen Stats (NGS), Rodgers and Brady are actually tied at 91. 

Without putting words in other people's mouths, I have to believe Rodgers made the list at 10 while Brady was left in the 'also rans' because of the MVP award. 

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But there are many other passer metrics to look at in today's analytical world, and in some of those, Brady not only cracks the top 10, but he sits at or near the top of the league. 

All beginning with his overall passer score of 88 which ranked eighth-best among NFL quarterbacks last season. 

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Introduced in January of 2022, NGS' Passer Score, "Seeks to assess a quarterback's execution on every pass attempt and transform that evaluation into a digestible score with a range between 50 and 99," according to "The score can be aggregated on any sample of pass attempts while still maintaining validity in rank order..."

Brady's ranking last season is a drop from the Super Bowl win producing 2020 season when he ranked seventh with an overall score of 93.

Where the legendary Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback arguably stood out the most was when passing from inside the tackle box (5th), on third downs (4th), and when throwing fewer than 10 air-yards (2nd)

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