Did this Chiefs Fan Find a Derek Carr-Connected Burner Twitter Account?

Joshua Brisco

Please don't take any of this too seriously. But also, feel free to laugh.

Through some Twitter sleuthing and suspicious account deletion, one Kansas City Chiefs fan thinks he may have found the secret burner Twitter account of Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr.

Yeah, hold on, we're about to do some reckless speculating.

Just a few hours after Carr spoke about being "tired of being disrespected," Chiefs fan Tom Fehr (@TJFsports on Twitter) tweeted, "Uhhhh guys I’m 99% certain I found Derek Carr’s burner account, someone only tweeting about Derek Carr and Fresno State."

Fehr's tweet included several screenshots of "Jayce Frost" standing up for Carr on Twitter and discussing Fresno State football, Carr's alma mater.

Soon after Fehr's first tweet, the account had been deleted, furthering suspicion. If the account simply belonged to a big Carr-and-also-Fresno State fan, why delete the account when accused?

It's certainly possible that "Jayce Frost" isn't Carr, or potentially isn't even anyone closely connected to Carr, but Fehr's theorizing continued.

Fehr told Arrowhead Report that he saw the video of Carr's frustration with being "disrespected," then tweeted "if I were Derek Carr and was tired of being disrespected, I would simply try being a good quarterback."

Then "Jayce Frost" stepped in.

"I got a reply about 45 minutes after that, which is the first screenshot in the thread," Fehr said. "I didn't think much of it until about half an hour later when I opened Twitter again and clicked on the profile, upon which the only tweets I saw were replying to people that were making fun of Derek Carr, and a couple of tweets replying to people that were making fun of Fresno State's new uniforms, Carr's alma mater. I tweeted the screenshots and said, 'I think I found Carr's burner.' Within probably 10 minutes of that, the account was deactivated.'"

It is, again, worth noting that this may have nothing to do with Carr, but Arrowhead Report's own Austin Johnston (@RealBirdLawyer) did some further digging to try to identify the originator of the account.

Yes, of course, this is all speculative, but regardless of if the account is operated by Carr, someone close to him, or a suddenly self-conscious Derek Carr/Fresno State superfan, it's proven to be one of Twitter's (now-lost) hidden gems.

UPDATE: Fehr received a direct message from the @jayce_frost account, saying that they are not related to Carr in any way. A LIKELY STORY, NOT-DEREK CARR! ...In reality, it's a reasonable explanation, except in all of the ways that it's still completely bonkers. Take this information for what you will.

UPDATE 2: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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