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Terry McLaurin Signs: 'It Says A Lot' About Washington Commanders

“It reinvigorates me even more,” McLaurin said of the contract before turning to the next chapter. “I’m excited to get back to work.”

The Washington Commanders believe in Terry McLaurin, to the tune of a three-year contract extension worth up to $71 million.

And McLaurin, who officially signed the deal on Tuesday, apparently believes in the Washington Commanders.

“It says a lot about not only this organization and their belief in me, but I think it says a lot about the person that I’ve tried to be since Day 1 being here, handling myself professionally and being a competitor and a leader and just being everything they want in a player,” McLaurin said, via

McLaurin has been all of those things and more, "handling himself professionally'' even as the organization has experienced so much turmoil during his time in Washington. but he's optimistic about the club in that department.

“The more people you can have that are leaders, competitive, unselfish, great players; you’re gonna have a really strong culture and a really strong team,'' he said.

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McLaurin, who on Tuesday was joined by his family at Commanders HQ to finalize a deal that essentially makes him a top-five-paid wide receiver in the NFL, has put up numbers despite playing with a merry-go-round of QBs, something that is ideally about to change with the addition of Carson Wentz.

But that is an issue for tomorrow. Today's issue - especially as there were some concerns among Washington watchers that the Commanders would somehow not get this done - is about celebration.

It certainly is for McLaurin himself.

“I just had that moment to myself where I was like, ‘I’m really here,'” McLaurin said. “Like, I really got to this moment because it’s just so hard to get to this moment.”

The next "moments''? Training camp. Cohesion with Wentz. And the challenge of emerging from the NFC East and making the NFL playoffs.

“It reinvigorates me even more,” McLaurin said of the contract before turning to the next chapter. “I’m excited to get back to work.”