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Rodgers Makes Controversial Packers Call; Cowboys at Peace With Dak

Aaron Rodgers is a pissed Packer. And Dak Prescott is a comfortable Cowboy. And the NFL has normalcy.

OXNARD, Calif. - We won't pretend that the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott have always avoided tumultuous times. But there is peace in Oxnard right now, with the QB being praised for his leadership, his on-field performance and his rehab health.

Meanwhile, in Green Bay, there is upheaval - even as Aaron Rodgers, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, intends to play for the Packers this season.

The 2021 NFL offseason was all about the "Celebrity QB Carousel.'' Russell Wilson finally dismounted it in Seattle, realizing that a winning record every year is nothing to scoff at. Deshaun Watson is still riding it in Houston, but showing up to camp with (90-percent?) hopes of a Texans trade.

Prescott had his go-'round, finally inking a four-year, $160 million deal to remain the leader of the Cowboys - with skills in that area that the legendary Troy Aikman believes are virtually unmatched.

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And what of rival Green Bay, its offseason filled with rumors about a potential trade or holdout or retirement of the MVP Rodgers?

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News first broke back in April that Rodgers was so disgruntled with Packers management that he'd told some members of the organization that he did not wish to return to the team. Rodgers, of course, lives in a perpetual state of disgruntlement, maybe one of the fueling forces of his brilliant three-time-MVP career.

He's posted childishly cryptic social-media posts, reportedly turned down a lucrative extension, pretended he might scrap it all for a job hosting "Jeopardy''  and let Green Bay burn amid his obvious dissatisfaction with the work of Green Bay management.

But football time is football time, and there is a lot of money to be made by showing up to work. And, given that Green Bay has been in the NFC Championship finale for two straight years, there are a lot of games to be won, too.

Maybe Rodgers can short-term his way out of Green Bay and in 2022 land in, say, Washington. But for 2021? It looks like the Packers will contend, and the Cowboys' desire to do the same might cause the two clubs to eventually butt heads.

In the meantime, Aaron Rodgers is a pissed Packer. And Dak Prescott is a comfortable Cowboy. And the NFL has normalcy.

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