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Dak & Zeke: 'Our Best Ball Is Yet To Come!'

Dallas Cowboys Stars Dak Prescott And Ezekiel Elliott Use Social Media - And Ol Jersey No. 15 - To Playfully Express Their Team's Bright NFL Future

FRISCO - Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has a knack for leadership that finds expression in so many ways. On the field. In the locker room. In the meeting room. And yes, on social media as well, where he is playfully prodding pal Ezekiel Elliott toward where he wants the two young stars to guide "America's Team.''

“Our best ball is yet to come!” 214!,'' tweeted Prescott after a discussion about the best college player to wear the No. 15.

Prescott chose Tim Tebow, passing over Elliott, who wore No. 15 at Ohio State. Oh, and also skipping over himself, as Prescott also wore No. 15 while at Mississippi State. But then he pulled off a quick pick-'em-up by noting that while Zeke might join him as a runner-up in that department, the running back - No. 21 in the NFL and therefore the area-code partner with Dak's No. 4 - is key to Dallas' hoped-for bright future.

It was Elliott who initiated the conversation, asking Prescott on Twitter to pick the greatest No. 15 in NCAA football history.

Dak and Zeke are two of the players pictured as options. But former Florida Gators QB Tebow is a fine choice.

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But ...

Dak Prescott doesn't goof around much on Twitter. He uses it as a promotional tool, usually ... and that's what he's doing here, "promoting'' the idea of the Prescott/Elliott pairing winning big in Dallas.

It makes you believe that he truly does feel "grateful and blessed'' along with whatever disappointment might exist in the passing of the long-term contract deadline last week. It makes you believe that he truly does endorse the Zeke-held idea that the running back is being badly snubbed by anyone who considers him less than elite.

It makes you believe that Dak's "bet on myself'' mindset will pay off again, for him and, Cowboys Nation hopes, for the franchise. It, in a most playful form, is leadership. ... 

leadership that, for Dak and Zeke, apparently extends all the way into the kitchen.