Cowboys Ex Garrett To Interview As Chargers Head Coach

NFL Week 17 Did not mean success for former Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. Yet the Giants Coordinator is up for the Los Angeles chargers head coaching job
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FRISCO - Four times in the 10-year Dallas Cowboys reign of coach Jason Garrett, "America's Team'' faced essentially the same end-of-season win-and-you're-in scenarios: Beat the NFC East opponent on the other sideline.

Four times, Garrett's Cowboys lost.

Along came NFL Week 17. Sunday at the New York Giants, and Garrett - now serving as the Giants offensive coordinator - found a way to help the Giants to a 23-19 win.

And while New York remains a non-playoff team with a poor record ... The Los Angeles Chargers must’ve seen something they like.

Jason Garrett is being granted a head-coaching interview with Los Angeles.

While in charge of  the Cowboys, Garrett achieved a career 85-67 record and had just one losing season over the course of a decade. Within the Chargers interview, Garrett would in theory rely on the credit he might get for the development of Dak Prescott. ... A key issue in any potential mentorship of young QB Justin Herbert.

The Cowboys' time with Garrett could be judged as a relative success ... or as a failure to win “the big one.” Is Garrett's single year in New York with young quarterback Daniel Jones a success?

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New York, previous to beating the Cowboys, had scored 26 points in three weeks - an unusual resume-builder for Garrett. 

Cowboys fans and Giants fans surely don’t understand all of this. But the Chargers? Maybe they view Jason Garrett as somebody who can close - an interview, anyway.