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Cowboys Firing Coach Mike McCarthy at Midseason, NFL Network Predicts

A hot-seat hot take? Here's the NFL Network sizzler: Mike McCarthy will get fired in-season.

FRISCO - Try as we might to resist the hot-take hot-seat silliness, it seems to almost envelope the Dallas Cowboys and coach Mike McCarthy.

What is the merit for it? Is there "inside info'' driving it? What, exactly, has McCarthy done so wrong?

Despite the absence of logic, NFL Network’s Adam Rank plows ahead with some "hot takes'' that he seems to be making clear are designed to be viewed as "hot.'' So he's offered up four bold predictions for the Cowboys' 2022 season.

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Two of them have to do with pass-catching. He essentially thinks predictions of CeeDee Lamb producing big numbers are wrong. (I can tell him that a certain person in the locker room here at The Star who is in charge of throwing the ball to Lamb finds this prediction laughable.). He predicts that Tony Pollard will lead the team in receiving, which is a goofy take that - despite the well-chronicled plans for an expansion of Pollard's responsibilities here - nobody would actually put any money on.

Rank's third point is that "Dak Prescott is a good quarterback'' and it's largely a waste of time - because, you know, we know that. Even without "20 carries a game.''

But then ... the sizzler: Mike McCarthy will get fired in-season.

In fact, Rank goes so all-in on McCarthy's coming pink slip that he pinpoints the week it's going to happen: After a mid-November loss to the Packers, the Week 10 game on November 13 at Green Bay.

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We could spent some time here pondering whether Dallas is going to lose to the Packers that day ... whether Dallas will have an awful record at that time (the Cowboys' three weeks before Green Bay are home vs. Chicago, home vs. Detroit and a bye, so it would seem Dallas would be likely to be on a roll of sorts ... and what owner Jerry Jones' tolerance temperature might be at this specific moment.

Worth noting: How is that temperature at this moment? Said Jones: "Mike has got an opportunity here to win a Super Bowl. And he’s got an opportunity to win other Super Bowls. That’s really the measurement of it.”

The reality of the way Jerry's Cowboys work: They'd have to experience a monumental and long-term meltdown during which QB Dak Prescott leads the team in an unplugging from the leadership of the coach. And besides just being "hot-take'' guy, what is the justification in really believing any of that is going to happen in November?

The fact that NFL Network needs something to talk about in June.

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