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NFL Releases International Games: Cowboys Headed to London in 2022?

Dallas could play the Packers or Jaguars in London next season.
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FRISCO - London calling?

After the NFL on Monday announced the home teams for its five international games next season, the Dallas Cowboys could be headed for London in 2022. They are the potential road team in games against the Green Bay Packers or Jacksonville Jaguars.

The league is expected to release its full 2022 schedule May 12.

With an expanded international footprint, the New Orleans Saints will also host a game in London, with the Arizona Cardinals the home team for a game in Mexico City and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the "host" of a game in Munich, Germany.

The Cowboys play both the Packers and Jaguars on the road next season, and one of those games could wind up taking place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium against Green Bay or Wembley Stadium against Jacksonville. The Packers are the only NFL to yet play a game overseas, while the Jaguars have played one "home" game in London since 2013. 

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The Cowboys, who played a preseason game at Wembley in 1992, beat the Jaguars in London in 2014, 31-17, behind three touchdowns from Tony Romo.

The NFL is announcing its specific plan for world-wide domination.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced last Wednesday that Munich will host a game in 2022, and that there will be four total games in Germany over the next four years, two in Munich, two in Frankfurt.

Additionally, there will be the game in Mexico.

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And that’s where the Cowboys might grab a piece of the domination.

One of the great drawing cards in sports, of course, is the Cowboys. But the Cowboys - despite the fact that Dallas has over the years participated in such events in Tokyo, London and Mexico City - has one bit of reluctance …

The Jones family is, generally speaking, not in favor of giving up a lucrative home game at AT&T Stadium as a trade for an overseas game.

The league remains committed to multiple games in London and a game in Mexico City with Germany now in the mix going forward, and in theory there is enough eventual profitability for Dallas to wish to get involved. And of course, by the numbers, the Cowboys will eventually be involved ... because starting in 2022, there will be at least four games played internationally every season and each NFL team will take a turn to host an international contest once every eight seasons.

There is, using a long-range view, a way for the NFL and the Cowboys to make money here - TV contracts, expansion, popularity, all of it.

And we know the NFL and the Cowboys aren’t against that.

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