'Disgusting': Dak & Cowboys React To Breonna Taylor Ruling

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - "Disgusting.''

On Thursday here inside The Star, assorted members of the Dallas Cowboys were presented with a forum to offer reaction to the news that the the Kentucky shooting of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman, is resulting in the indictment of one of the three involved police officers - and that indictment is for "wanton endangerment.''

"That’s disgusting,'' said Cowboys QB Dak Prescott following the team's practice in preparation for Sunday's game at Seattle. "I don’t understand that one at all. There are a lot of things in this country that I don’t understand that we’re looking at right now.''

Prescott has been especially active in the fight for social justice, highlighted by his $1 million donation to the cause of educating the public and of better training for law-enforcement officials.

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"It’s about us educating ourselves,'' Prescott said. "About us getting registered to vote and going out there and doing that; making sure that we are educated on who we are voting for and what they are going to do while they’re in office.''

The death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police has pushed the issue of social injustice to the fore; Taylor's death is yet another tragic incident that is causing professional athletes to work to raise attention to the problem.

"It is definitely something that has been on my heart and crossed my mind,'' said receiver Amari Cooper. "I am not surprised by the verdict. It has been happening over and over. My heart goes out to her and her family.”

Prescott and Cooper both said the Cowboys have not specifically discussed the Taylor case. But the team has been active in meeting to educate itself on the importance of big-picture issues, including voting.

"That’s one of the biggest things I can say,'' Prescott said. "We’ve taken a step as a team ... to just talk about that, the importance to vote, the importance for our voices to be heard throughout our community and be leaders there.''

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“It’s not something that’s going to be solved in a day,” Poe said recently. “It’s bringing more awareness. It’s letting people know ... It’s the beginning of it.”

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its sad when people are disgusted by the law being followed. Although a tragedy happened it had nothing to do with race and the fact her boyfriend shot with total disregard to who his target was. Funny how you never hear any athletes enraged by the double digit murders that occur in Chicago every weekend. But there is zero false narrative in those deaths and no political agenda to push and that is just sad!


Who did they want charged and with what specific charges? I never hear a second level thought on this from athletes other than Charles Barkley and Marcelous Wiley.

Why doesn't some media member ask them that follow up question?


Its dam if you do and dam if you dont...its just dam