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‘Oh, God, Not the 49ers!’ Cowboys Booster Michael Irvin Reveals NFL Playoffs Worry

Yes, Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin - the greatest Cowboys homer of them all - is worried.

FRISCO - “Oh, God, not the 49ers!”

On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys will play host to San Francisco in an NFL Playoffs opener that is predicted by oddsmakers to be the closest (Dallas by 3) of the weekend’s showdowns.

And yes, Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin - the greatest and loudest Cowboys homer of them all - is worried.

“Absolutely,” Irvin said via “The Rich Eisen Show.” “As soon as I saw the matchup I said ‘Oh God, not the 49ers.’

“I had friends texting me, ‘This is great, we got the 49ers.’ I was like, ‘No, this is the worst draw! The worst draw!”

Predicting these games - which draw is good or bad - seems more impossible than ever in a COVID era. But the legendary wideout, ego of course has lived and breathed the rivalry from the days when Dallas opposed San Francisco in three straight NFC title games in the early 1990’s - has unusual insight here.

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And he was hoping his beloved 12-5 ‘Boys wouldn’t meet a 10-7 49ers team until later on in the postseason.

He fears the 49ers possess both the ability to control the clock with their downhill running style or to get explosive with playmaking pass-catchers like George Kittle and Deebo Samuel.

"I wanted San Fran to go knock out Green Bay or the Rams before we saw them,” said Irvin, who we are sure will also agree that home-standing Dak Prescott-led Cowboys figure to be pretty scary themselves.

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