Jaylon Smith on Cowboys, Cryo & 'The Vote'

Jaylon Smith, With Paige Hathaway, On His Dallas Cowboys, His Cryo Business & 'The Vote'
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FRISCO - Jaylon Smith's focus on physical wellness is how he returned to the football field after the devastating knee injury that closed his college career - and some medical experts thought might end his ability to play at all.

The Dallas Cowboys' linebacker's focus on wellness - on the field and off - remains at the forefront of his thoughts in every way. That includes, of course, helping his 2-4 team to get healthy in the NFC East standings, continuing with Sunday's NFL Week 7 game at Washington.

"This is what we're gonna do,'' Smith says. "We're gonna evaluate the film, we're going to correct it, and we’re going move with a sense of urgency. That's what we must do in the situation that we're in right now losing four games.”

Are the Cowboys' issues "mental'' ones or "physical ones''?

“It’s mental, mental,'' Jaylon says. "We have the physical. The physical, there is no question about the physical.”

Smith's expertise in these areas is among the reasons he's become a business partner with global fitness icon Paige Hathaway in the Houston based company iCRYO. In the last three months, Jaylon and Paige have opened their signature locations, Jaylon’s in his hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana and Paige in Dallas.

"Since officially joining the iCRYO team last year, I've been assisting in any way I can," says Smith. "I'm eager and excited for my friends, family and fans in Dallas and Fort Wayne to visit these locations and immerse themselves in the iCRYO experience.''

Added Hathaway, who has four million followers on Instagram and 

“I’m am so excited to be partnering with Jaylon and iCRYO to help bring the same types of treatments that we use into communities around the country,'' Hathaway says. "Being in the wellness space myself for over 10 years, I’m a huge believer in healing the body with holistic non-pharmaceutical treatments that help promote your body’s natural healing process. Cryotherapy, along with other services we offer here at iCRYO, do that and more; this is one reason I became a brand ambassador and equity partner. I can’t wait for folks to experience iCRYO because I know you will love it as much as I do.''

Smith's activity in the community has helped fuel iCRYO in Dallas' “I VOTED” project. Voters who show their sticker or button at the newest iCRYO location in Dallas get 20 percent off all wellness services and a free gift.

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These projects fit the Jaylon profile as someone trying to do things "the right way.'' In the most high-profile way, that's about community service and entrepreneurship but obviously, that's especially about Dallas Cowboys football. 

"Just collectively, as a whole, we have to lock in and do it right,'' Jaylon says about the Cowboys - who oddly lead the NFC East despite their struggles. "It's enough talking about, it, we’ve got to do it right. We’re grown-ass men, we’ve got to do it right.”