Johnny Manziel - Jerry’s Cowboys Crush - Making Comeback

Texas A&M Hero Johnny Manziel - Jerry Jines’  Dallas Cowboys Crush - Is Making A Football Comeback
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Johnny Manziel, the former Texas A&M superstar and Jerry Jones crush, is returning to football.

"The more I heard about what this was going to be, the more I felt it was going to be something that was just very fun," Manziel told ESPN of his sign-on with the startup football league "Fan Controlled Football.'' "It's going to be very fan-oriented and something I could get behind without being extremely, extremely, extremely serious, the way that my football career has been in the past."

Manziel, the Heisman Trophy winner who became a 2014 NFL first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns before washing out of the league shortly thereafter, will be a quarterback in the 7-on-7 league, which will reportedly allow fans to set rosters and call plays.

Team owners apparently include Richard Sherman, Mike Tyson and Marshawn Lynch, among others.

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Manziel last played professionally in the Alliance of American Football in March 2019 before the league folded. He also played briefly in the CFL and is now working to cure some of the personal issues that sidetracked a career that Cowboys owner Jones once thought would be a brilliant one in the NFL. 

Dallas was never serious about drafting Manziel with its top pick that year, which was used on future All-Pro offensive lineman Zack Martin. But Jerry enjoys feeding the myth by telling the story ... and Manziel says he's enjoying rebuilding the story of his life.

"I wake up with a smile on my face way more than I used to in the past, when people would have said that I had everything," Manziel said. "I'm at a point in my life where I'm 28 years old and I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing moving forward and trying to re-create an identity, and that's what the past year has been about for me."