Florida's Pitts to Dallas? Cowboys Jones Talking to TE

The Dallas Cowboys are in love with Kyle Pitts and have spoken to him already.
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One thing is certain about the Dallas Cowboys: if Jerry Jones wants you he's going to get you. 

According to multiple reports, the Cowboys have fallen in love with Florida tight end Kyle Pitts. Then again, who hasn't at this point in the draft process. 

The former Gator is a unicorn prospect who can do a little bit of everything. A solid in-line blocker with the ability to make stellar catches on the perimeter, line him up anywhere and watch Pitts play.

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Now, it appears the Cowboys could be ready to make him a member of the squad. 

During an interview on the 'Rich Eisen Show', Pitts stated that not only has he spoken to the Cowboys staff, but Jones personally. 

Last week, it was reported by ESPN's Jeremy Fowler that should the Cowboys feel Pitts would only enhance the roster, moving up to select the Florida product would take Dallas to "a new stratosphere" on offense. 

“I spoke to a long-time executive who said that (Kyle) Pitts would completely take their offense to a new stratosphere," Folwer said, "He is that kind of talent. So, if Jerry Jones wants to go that route, he’s always a wild card on draft day. But in recent years, the Cowboys have been a little more sensible, so they could get a top cornerback staying where they are.” 

Pitts is considered by many a top-five consensus player. That would mean teams would have to be willing to move up to select him. In fact, the only way Pitts should fall past No. 5 is two QB needy teams move up with Atlanta and Cincinnati. 

Even then, Miami, Detroit and Carolina all should be in play to land the pass-catcher to elevate their offenses. 

Former Cowboys defensive tackle Marcus Spears hopes that Pitts doesn't fall into the hands of Dallas' range and is drafted well before Jones is on the clock. 

The reason? Help in the secondary is a must at No. 10. 

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“I hope to God Kyle Pitts isn’t there at 10, cause Dallas don’t need him," Spears said. "I understand the level of talent, and if he is there, it’s too enticing to not take that level of talent, but trying to solidify the defense with a corner, defensive lineman is needed.”

Everything comes down to Jones. Should he want to move up to select Pitts, he's going to. If the asking price is too high? He'll wait. 

Either way, the Cowboys-Pitts connection has grown over the past month. It's heating up even more with two weeks out. 

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