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McCarthy Cowboys Q-and-A: From A (Aldon) To Z (Zeke)

New Coach Mike McCarthy Addresses Dak Prescott and More In This Dallas Cowboys Q-and-A: From A (Aldon) To Z (Zeke)

FRISCO - The oddest part of coach Mike McCarthy's new job with the Dallas Cowboys in a new sort of "normal''?

"Spending a lot of time talking into cameras,'' said McCarthy during a Wednesday conference call with the DFW media - which itself served as a continuation of the challenging issues involved with dealing with the NFL's COVID-19-related hiatus.

In a wide-ranging 35-minute Q-and-A, McCarthy noted that he's appreciative of the fact that this is a veteran team, indicating that they engaged in a whole-offensive-group video meeting this morning, that afternoons are reserved for rookie work and that the coaches "meet'' in the evenings. All in all, he handled the technology, and the questions, just fine, 

*On the Dak Prescott contract negotiations: "He's involved in a business situation and I have full confidence that he'll be ready to go. There has been communication."

More on that subject here at with our 1-on-1 with Troy Aikman.

*On newly-reinstated Aldon Smith: "I'm just so happy for where Aldon is right now personally. ...He's in great physical shape. ... Bigger and stronger. ... I think it's going to be exciting to see him out there for the first time. ...He's in a great place."

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Here's the latest on Aldon Smith's fitness - gym-wise and otherwise.

(We're getting good reports up and down the roster in this regard, and of course got a recent look at an Ezekiel Elliott workout as well.)

*On plans to re-enter The Star and launch into training camp: "We've really just hunkered down and tried to focus on the things we can control. 

"As a staff, we're planning for a full training camp" in either Oxnard or Frisco, he said, adding, "I don't see a decision happening on a training camp" location anytime soon.

*On game-planning and playbook: 'This challenge has caused everybody, including myself, to take a step back and think things through. You still have to do things in a progression. We only have so much time. .. Once (in person), we'll be ready to go. But you've got to trust instincts, awareness and experience. ...

"We're just really emphasizing the importance on scheme, and communication, making sure they have a clear vision of the job responsibility. … I'm pleased with the amount of work we've been able to accomplish."

*On being at home (mostly in Green Bay): "My family's anxious for me to get back (to work). They're probably not used to me being around (the house) this much.''