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‘Snacks' To Pack: ‘I’m Going To Make It Work’

EXCLUSIVE: Damon Harrison - One of The Best Run-Stoppers Of His Generation - Was Again An NFL Free Agent. The Cowboys Again Pass on 'Snacks' ... So He’s Going To Green Bay

FRISCO - ‘I’m going to make it work.”

That’s what veteran defensive tackle Damon Harrison is telling me about his reaction to this week’s waiver claim made by the Green Bay Packers.

Harrison, cut by Seattle after a short stint there, has indicated to that he would’ve loved an invitation to come “home” to DFW. We've suggested (again) that the Dallas Cowboys should've contacte one of the NFL's best run-stoppers of his generation.

Harrison talked to on Monday night following his leaving the Seahawks, and citing family reasons said "I may be forced to call it a season.''

Why? His reasons are admirable. Harrison and his wife Alexis have a large family - seven children, ages 12, 10, 6, 3, 1-year-old twins and a 5-month-old. Damon is concerned about the health of the youngest kids - especially in a COVID time.

As Harrison tweeted: "I have to make sure my family is good before I do anything. They are my first priority. I'd like to keep playing but with COVID and other logistics it's tough to just pack up and immediately leave.''

What "logistics'' are we talking about? If you still trying to wrap your brain around moving seven kids, including four babies, cross-country, locating a home, settling into the new job with new schools, plus COVID tests for all ... Yes. Logistics.

He added, via, that moving his family from Texas to Seattle in October, and now, immediately, either moving the entire brood from Seattle to his next destination or leaving Alexis (despite her being, as he said, "a superstar/superhero'' parent) to do it all alone does not hold much appeal for him.

He had said the waiver process wasn't appealing to him. But being grabbed by the Green Bay Packers - maybe the best team in the NFC? That clearly altered his thinking. ... and Dallas obviously did not put in a claim.

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Harrison is one of the NFL's "good guys.'' His family's devotion to charity (from leadership in Habitat for Humanity to kids camps to toy drives) is almost legendary.

If a playoff-bound team needs a run-stopper, and if he wants to do it, he's the right kind of guy to at least investigate. That's now happening in Green Bay.

Harrison, 32, spent the summer detailing to his desire to play for the Cowboys, in large part because DFW is "home.'' His large family was among the reasons the Louisiana native hoped to stay close to DFW and play for Dallas. Sources told that the Cowboys showed only cursory interest in the 2016 All-Pro.

Dallas instead signed Dontari Poe, making him a starter before cutting him. Harrison, meanwhile, sat on the shelf until the Seahawks signed him to their practice squad on Oct. 7 and didn't play until Nov. 15. The 6-9 Cowboys, who in Week 17 play at the New York Giants with a chance to make the NFL Playoffs, last week put starting 1-tech defensive tackle Antwaun Woods to injured reserve, creating an at-least-theoretical need.

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Despite Seattle coach Pete Carroll suggesting the 6-foot-5, 350-pounder is retiring, Harrison indicated to us that his mind remained somewhat open.

Harrison's contract with Seattle was a veteran's minimum at $1.05 million. So money isn't the issue. Finding a match was.

"The logistics of it all, going to Green Bay, works, too,'' Harrison tells me. So, "Snacks'' to the Pack.