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‘It Stabbed Me’: Ezekiel Elliott & Rookie Kelvin Joseph Cowboys Injury Update

Updates for Wednesday’s work on Ezekiel Elliott and rehabbing DBs Donovan Wilson and Kelvin Joseph (maybe his first practice since injuring his groin in preseason).

FRISCO - Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott got hurt in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the New York Giants in the oddest of ways.

“I fell on the pylon,'' Zeke said of a moment when he had to leave the game. "That thing is kinda hard. It definitely hurt. It kinda stabbed me. I lost my wind.''

Elliott sustained what was labeled a "back injury'' while pushing his way to the corner of end zone in the fourth quarter of what would become a 44-20 win over the Giants. He finished the game with 21 carries for 110 yards and a touchdown, plus another four receptions for 28 yards through the air.

The Giants did not stop him.

The pylon did. And the Cowboys say Elliott will be limited today here at the indoor workout at Ford Center at The Star.

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The current NFL pylons appear to be "soft,'' but they also have cameras stashed inside of them, which is how the TV networks can present us with nifty video angles via the “pylon cam.''

The Cowboys have in recent days sent a memo to the NFL asking the league to look into modifications of the pylons.

"Maybe we should find a new spot for it,'' Elliott said. "I think it is foamy, but it’s hard. The base of it is hard too. It's definitely not soft.''

The same could be said for the 4-1 Cowboys, who remain steady in the SI Power Rankings as in Week 6 they travel on Sunday to take on the New England Patriots.

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy, speaking to the media here at The Star on Wednesday, didn’t much need to update Elliott's condition; he will be fine. But Dallas is moving forward with a trio of guys as the Cowboys will advance a bit to “individual work” at practice today for rehabbing DBs Donovan Wilson and Kelvin Joseph (maybe his first practice since injuring his groin in preseason) as well as tight end Sean McKeon.