Dak Should 'Get The Hell' Away From Cowboys, Hoots ESPN

An ESPN analyst says Dak Prescott should 'get the hell out of' Dallas. What 'the hell' is Domonique Foxworth talking about?
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FRISCO - Wanna be on TV? Find a hot-button issue. Develop a "hot take.'' And weave yourself into the issue.

Bingo! Headlines!

ESPN's Domonique Foxworth, a former NFL player who now appears on the show "Get Up,'' has figured out the game.

But he does not appear to have figured out what's going on between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott.

"If I'm Dak,'' Foxworth said, "I want to get the hell out of (Dallas).''

Wait. What? Why?

"I feel so disrespected on behalf of Dak Prescott,'' said Foxworth, opening his comments with nonsense, for why would a TV personality "feel disrespected on behalf of'' a relative stranger? "He's been tremendous for this team, had big moments in the playoffs, carried them throughout the regular season, and they seem to give him less and less support the longer he's there.''

There is a great deal to unpack there, but we'll focus on one outrageous claim, that Dallas "seems to give Dak less and less support.''

Does Foxworth mean "less support'' on the roster? The roster that features three highly-paid O-linemen, a $16 mil running back and a receiving corps that already included a Pro Bowler in Amari Cooper along with Michael Gallup - and then in last year's draft, added first-round receiver CeeDee Lamb?

Does he mean that "lack of support''? Foxworth should know those facts.

Or does the ESPN analyst mean a "lack of support'' in terms of the contract offer from Dallas meant to keep Prescott from having been franchise-tagged in 2020 - a tag that paid him a guaranteed $31.4 million? Because we're betting Foxworth is ignorant to the fact that, per our reporting last fall, Dallas offered Dak a five-year, $175 million ($35 mil APY) deal including $110 million guaranteed.

Does Foxworth mean that "lack of support''?

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The Cowboys are absolutely obliged to examine ways to get better/cheaper at every position, quarterback, included. But in no word or action has the Jones family been "disrespectful'' to Prescott - and he knows it. And if, once they  sift through any Deshaun Watson- or Matthew Stafford-related brainstorm sessions, they ultimately have to tag Dak again, this time at $37.7 million?

That won't be "disrespectful,'' either.

We'd like to think that once the cue cards are dropped and the camera is off, Domonique Foxworth knows how ridiculous his "get the hell out of Dallas'' take sounds ... but that he views it as a fair exchange when ESPN payday rolls around.

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