Wanna Bet? Dak Prescott Cowboys Choice: $35M Vs. $31M

Wanna Bet? Educated-Guessing On QB Dak Prescott And His Dallas Cowboys Contractual Choice: $35 Million Vs. $31 Million
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FRISCO - We need to clean up a bit of a mess that's been created in the court of public option, that is, the opinion that Dak Prescott's unsigned status is the result of the Dallas Cowboys somehow "insulting'' him.

So understand this: Prescott has a monster offer on the table now ... a pair of them, in fact, as he can either accept the existing $31.409 million franchise-tag offer or continue to negotiate a long-term deal that we've reported presently would land him $35 million per year and more than $106 million guaranteed.

That first figure would make Dak the highest-paid single-season Cowboy ever. (By far.) That second figure would put him in the ballpark of highest-paid player in NFL history. (Yes, really.)

We discussed this issue regarding the Cowboys quarterback with Corey Parson, who is looking at it from a gambling perspective. Corey writes:

The (oddsmakers' over/under) number is set at 34.5 million dollars.

Hmmm. Given the fact that we know that $35 million APY is in play ... is there something that the oddsmakers know that we do not?

We don't believe so. There remains the possibility that Prescott, who has helped the Cowboys to two NFC East championships in his four years and is coming off a 2019 season in which he experienced statistical career-highs across the board, could "bet on himself'' again and play for the $31.409 million tag - in which case my guy Corey would lose his bet.

As we have been following this story in trying to get rid of the "insult'' angle and the "Andy Dalton QB controversy'' angle, we've leaned to the idea that a long-term deal will get done by the deadline to do so, July 15. 

The final issue in negotiations, however, is a large one: Prescott and agent Todd France want a shorter-term deal (four years) in order for the QB to get another, quicker bite at the apple after the NFL deal with the TV networks expires following the 2022 season - when the salary cap, and players' salaries, will skyrocket.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys' offer of $35 million APY is based on him accepting a five-year deal, thus giving Dallas more contractual control.

Our prediction on the eventual agreement to the long-term deal stands ... but we're just not sure how much we want to actually bet on it.