Jalen Hurts' Teammates React to the QB's Spring

The second-year quarterback is more than just a student and a leader, but can teach, too
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PHILADELPHIA – Jalen Hurts is more than just a student soaking in the schemes Nick Sirianni has devised, more than just a notetaker to the lessons being taught by offensive coordinator Shane Steichen and quarterback coach Brian Johnson.

There have been times during the Eagles' three-week OTA period that the quarterback has become the teacher.

Boston Scott explains.

“We’ll be running routes and stuff like that (and) he’ll have his helmet on, then he’ll take off his helmet and he’ll go run a route (and say), ‘This is what I mean, this is what I’m thinking, it should look like this, given this look,’” said the running back on Wednesday afternoon.

“Not only is he a hard worker, and takes care of his stuff individually, but he also wants to make the people around him better.”

That was the idea Hurts gave when he spoke during Week 1 of OTAs.

“The urge and thirst for growth and being a better leader and better quarterback, that doesn’t change,” said Hurts as he attempts to make the leap from a four-game starter in his rookie season to full-time signal-caller this year.

“I obviously want to impact the people around me in the best way that I can, be somebody that people see as accountable … and go out there and do my job. At the end of the day, you earn the respect of your teammates when you go out there and make plays and do those things. I just want to continue to do that and bring everyone together.”

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The Eagles summer vacation will begin shortly after practice ends on June 4.

While some players may stick around, most will disperse and enjoy their time away while continuing to stay mentally and physically prepared for when they will return, presumably in late July when training camp opens.

When they do return, Hurts is expected to continue his march toward being the team’s opening-day starting QB in Atlanta on Sept. 12.

That is, barring the unforeseen, such as a trade for Deshaun Watson.

“Jalen is going to, I would say, open everybody’s eyes,” said WR Greg Ward, one of Hurts’ close friends on the team. “I already know what he’s going to do with the team. We all know in the locker room, the staff, we all know what he’s going to do.

“I don’t think everybody else is giving him the respect that he needs. He’s just ready to prove himself, and that’s all that you need. He’s very explosive in every part of the game - throwing or running. It really doesn’t matter. He’s just a big play waiting to happen.”

How has Hurts done these past three weeks?

Some of his teammates gave their perspective.

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“He’s been the same person since I first met him,” said WR Jalen Reagor. “The one thing I see him, he does a lot of stuff with intent, and then he has fun with it, too. He’s not too serious. He’s not too joking. He has fun with it, and I feel like having that morale, and having his personality, everybody is going to gravitate to him.

“He’s just easygoing. He’s a natural-born leader. You guys see it. Everybody sees it. Everything is just looking like success.”

Added tight end Dallas Goedert: “I think playing with Jalen is going to be a lot of fun. In the pass game, obviously he can do it all. He can make plays, he can extend plays, he does a great job keeping his eyes downfield, but when he needs to run, he can obviously take off, we all know that.”

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