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Malcolm Jenkins was as reliable on the field as he was socially conscious away from it.

He retired in March after a 13-year career that saw him win two Super Bowl championships, his first with the Saints and his second with the Eagles.

It was in Philadelphia, however, where Jenkins said he had the most fun playing the game, and he started all 96 games with the Eagles after coming over as a free agent in 2014.

Jenkins, 34, sat down with Eagles Unfiltered co-host Conor Myles to talk about his days in Philadelphia as well as his new business venture.





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Here are a few highlights from the conversation

Jenkins is starting his own whiskey, but with a unique twist that he and Myles discuss. It's an idea born from Jenkins' annual fundraiser called, Bow Ties and Bourbon. 

Much of the conversation has to do with Jenkins' time with the Eagles and the current state of the Eagles' safety position, especially his thoughts on Marcus Epps.

"This was a prove-it deal for me," Jenkins said. "I made up my mind that if this was going to be my last contract on my last team then what do I want my legacy to be? It grounded me back to having fun playing the game.”

He said plenty more and it's here in the latest episode of Eagles Unfiltered.

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