Giants Receiver Golden Tate Expresses Remorse Over Public Outburst

Giants receiver Golden Tate apologized for bringing negative attention to himself and to the team and vows it won't happen again.
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A contrite Golden Tate apologized for bringing negative attention to the Giants organization with his emotional “me-first” outburst two weeks ago on Monday Night Football and expressed his hope to remain part of the Giants franchise moving forward.

“My actions were unacceptable and I apologize to the team, the GM, the coaches, the offense [and have] decided to move forward,” he said.

Twice during the Giants' Monday Night Football game against the Bucs, Tate looked into the television camera and demanded more targets. 

Tate's wife Elise also got in on the protest, an action Tate said he wasn't aware of at the time when she took to her verified Instagram account to voice her frustration over her husband's pass targets.

"I wasn't aware at the time that it happened that she had said anything but in my wife's defense she will always be my biggest fan," Tate said. "I disagree with her taking it public but that's one thing I'll always have her back and I know that she was in her mind protecting me and she was calling it how she saw it at the time."

Giants head coach Joe Judge, who hails from the line of thinking from notorious football disciplinarians Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots and Nick Saban of Alabama, didn't let Tate's gesture go unpunished. 

Tate was sent home from practice last Wednesday after meeting with head coach Joe Judge. he then returned to practice Thursday and Friday but was asked to serve on the scout team. 

Tate was then deactivated ahead of last Sunday's game against the Washington Football Team.

Tate returned to practice in his typical role this week and admitted his apologies for his transgressions.

"I was definitely disappointed but there are consequences for your actions and my actions were unacceptable and I apologized to the team, the GMs, the coaches, the offense, and I'm excited to move forward," Tate said. 

"It's unfortunate that we drew, collectively, this type of attention to our organization when we're trying to win a ball game.

"For that, I felt the need to apologize to this entire organization for drawing that negative attention and also my body language on the field. And from here on you don't ever have to worry about that ever again." 

Tate also reaffirmed his desire to remain a part of what the Giants are building under Judge.

"I love this organization, to be honest, I love everything it stands for and I want to do my part and help us win any way I can," Tate said.

While Tate is expected to return to his typical role this week, he did suffer a knee injury during practice on Thursday. Judge referred to the incident as Tate "bumping bodies" with a teammate and is optimistic Tate will be available on Sunday against the Eagles. 

Tate caught his first touchdown pass of the season against the Eagles back in Week 7 and could look to make a statement in his return and show why the Giants should throw the ball his way rather than say why. 

After missing Week 1 with a hamstring issue, Tate has made just two starts this season, hauling in 22 catches on 29 targets for 226 yards and two touchdowns. 

It is a lesser degree of production than Tate has become used to in his career, which is why he may have made the outburst back in Week 8.

"If you know me, you know my game and I play with a lot of emotion and a lot of passion and I just got caught up in the moment. I was wrong to draw attention to myself and I take full responsibility for that," Tate said. 

Now it's just a matter of Tate channeling that emotion into on-field results.