Logan Ryan Looks to the Past to Help the Giants' Future

Logan Ryan hopes to guide the current Giants backfield toward greatness by incorporating tips learned from legendary Giants.
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When it comes to the past, well, many players will tell you that while there are lessons to be learned, it's always best to look ahead toward the future.

Not New York Giants defensive back Logan Ryan, however. The veteran leader decided to reach back into the New York Giants' past and pick the brains of some of the organization's greatest defensive backs, including Jason Sehorn, Corey Webster, and Antrel Rolle, explaining why in the video above.

Ryan, one of the primary organizers of the Florida workout/retreat held for the defensive backs, said he got the idea from other leaders around the league, including quarterback Daniel Jones.

"Yeah, just something I've seen for years. Daniel, great leaders, a lot of quarterbacks in the league get their guys and receivers together for timing and what Daniel did in Arizona, I was out there for that," he said.

"I just wanted to bring the guys down and have some time to ourselves. It was tough last year, joining the team so late and not having an opportunity to bond with the guys.

So I think those guys got to see how I work day-to-day, and we got to talk a lot about how we would play things. We had a boating trip, and I think (James) Bradberry said he didn't catch any fish, okay, but we talked a lot about coverage and Bradberry talking about how he was covering a guy, and it was cool sharing stories how we covered guys in the league, so it was a great opportunity."

The move drew a big thumbs-up from head coach Joe Judge.

"I think that's great," Judge said, reaffirming his trust in the decisions Ryan makes. "That was definitely a point in the year where we couldn't have them in our facility and work with them. Between guys getting together in Florida, multiple places, a couple of our D-linemen got together for some different events, football-related.

"Look, the more your team can be together and bond and build chemistry and work together, the better that is for your locker room. We need a strong locker room to have a successful team. And it's one thing we've emphasized in building here."

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