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2022 Offseason Power Rankings: Where Do Jaguars Land Before Training Camp?

Where do we have the Jaguars slotted in this year's pre-training camp power rankings?

We have already seen how the FanNation network stacks each team's offseason. The biggest questions have been answered. The biggest moves have been made. Now, the table has been set for the 2022 season. 

With the offseason wrapped up and training camp just a few weeks away, we have taken our turn at determining the landscape of the NFL's upcoming season. Which teams are sleepers, which are contenders, which are pretenders, and everything in between.

So, where do the Jaguars compare to the rest of the NFL before camp? We break it down below.

Tier 5

No. 32: Carolina Panthers

The Panthers added a few solid young players this offseason, but the roster is still one of the more limited in the NFL, Matt Rhule hasn't proven he is anything but a bottom-tier coach, and Sam Darnold is still their quarterback.

No. 31: Houston Texans

The Texans didn't make many impactful moves this offseason outside of taking Derek Stingley Jr. at No. 3. Lovie Smith is a better head coach than he gets credit for, but time will tell if David Mills is anything more than a serviceable flash in the pan.

No. 30: Chicago Bears

A year after Justin Fields struggled behind a bad Bears' offensive line in a bad scheme, the Bears' offense has maybe improved in scheme but arguably declined in overall offensive talent. The Bears didn't make any moves to push them past this final tier this offseason.

No. 29: Seattle Seahawks

Drew Lock and Geno Smith are not the answers. The Seahawks roster is in a weird spot right now, and bad quarterback play will only amplify that. 

No. 28: New York Giants

The New York Giants made two terrific first-round picks and hired what looks to be a strong head coach/general manager duo, but they are still recovering from years of roster mishandling. Plus, Daniel Jones.

Tier 4

No. 27: Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons' roster seriously lacks in some spots, but Arthur Smith knows how to scheme an offense and they have some interesting pieces in the skill group and secondary.

No. 26: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars improved both their roster and coaching staff this offseason, setting the team up for an improved season, especially from quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The Jaguars' ceiling is still a mystery, but they have a good chance to raise their floor and become competitive if all plays out right.

No. 25: New York Jets

The Jets have a strong roster in so many areas, but they still have an unproven coaching staff and a quarterback who needs to prove himself in a big, big way in 2022.

No. 24: Detroit Lions

Detroit is clearly the "good vibes" team of the 2022 offseason. A frequent pick to be a surprise team, I think the Lions are closer to this ranking considering their secondary and quarterback situations, but they are a solid team that should improve this year.

No. 23: Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have some solid players at key positions along both sides of the ball, but their relative lack of depth combined with their new coaching staff makes them feel like a team that isn't awful, but isn't great either.

No. 22: Washington Commanders

Washington has a strong leader at head coach but they have depth concerns on both sides of the ball and a question mark at quarterback and defensive coordinator.

No. 21: Miami Dolphins

Miami has an unproven head coach and quarterback, but they do have weapons on offense and defense and schemes that should help each side of the ball.

No. 20: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers face depth issues and are either starting a rookie or Mitch Trubisky at quarterback, but they do still have one of the NFL's best head coaches in Mike Tomlin,.

Tier 3

No. 19: Tennessee Titans

Tennessee ended last year on a bad note and it feels like their roster took a step backward this season. They have a good head coach, but has it already been as good as it will get with Ryan Tannehill?

No. 18: New England Patriots

The Patriots have strong pieces on both sides of the ball but their roster is far from complete. Add in the weirdness that is their offensive play-caller situation and this feels right.

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No. 17: Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have one of the more complete rosters in the game in many aspects, but Jalen Hurts still has to prove himself as a quarterback while the defense needs to take another step forward.

No. 16: New Orleans Saints

They have strong pieces on defense, the offensive line and the skill positions, and Jameis Winston is underrated. Still, Dennis Allen is just OK as a head coach.

No. 15: San Francisco 49ers

A team that could finish even higher considering their potential on both sides of the ball. The 49ers will ride and die with Trey Lance, but they have a head coach who can make it easy on him.

No. 14: Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are solid in all aspects, spectacular in none. They have a good quarterback, weapons and pieces on defense. If Josh McDaniels can coach, they are in good shape.

No. 13: Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are a solid team with a good head coach and a respectable quarterback in Matt Ryan. As long as they can get out of their own way, they should be able to get over the hump this year.

No. 12: Cleveland Browns

The Browns should feel bad. 

No. 11: Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are stacked on both sides of the ball but ... Mike McCarthy.

Tier 2

No. 10: Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have questions to face in terms of depth after a year of injuries and big moves, but Lamar Jackson is still one of the NFL's most dangerous offensive players in any given week and their defense looks legit on paper.

No. 9: Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals have been looking to get over the hump for what feels like years now. This should be the year they do it after retooling yet again this offseason.

No. 8: Denver Broncos

This is a projection since we still have to actually see how Nathaniel Hackett manages a team as head coach and play-caller, but they added a top-level quarterback and have talent at key positions. 

No. 7: Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have arguably made last year's roster even better. Joe Burrow has established himself as a top quarterback and the Bengals are here to stay.

No. 6: Los Angeles Chargers

This is a projection of course, but Justin Herbert is a rare talent and they have the pieces on defense and offense to make noise.

Tier 1

No. 5: Kansas City Chiefs

Don't bet against Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. They may not have the most complete team, but they are elite in the two most important spots.

No. 4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers won't have some key players at times this season that they had in past years, but Tom Brady is still elite and their defense has the pieces to stay near the top of the NFL.

No. 3: Green Bay Packers

The Packers did lose the NFL's best receiver but they should have an improved front seven, another year of strong secondary play and another year of Aaron Rodgers being Aaron Rodgers.

No. 2: Los Angeles Rams

The returning champions could be in danger of a Super Bowl hangover, but they have some of the league's best players at quarterback, receiver, defensive tackle and cornerback. Throw in their coaching staff and it is hard to bet against them.

No. 1: Buffalo Bills

Elite quarterback, elite roster, elite coaching staff. The Bills are changing offensive coordinators, but they are as good as it gets.