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Jaguars Training Camp: How Trevor Lawrence Is Taking the Next Step

Trevor Lawrence has looked like the quarterback he was always meant to be during the first 10 practices of Jaguars camp. The question now is where can he go from here?

Through ten training camp practices, the Jacksonville Jaguars have seen many things. But none as important as what they have seen from Trevor Lawrence.

Young players have developed, position battles have heated up and some of the most physical and hard-hitting practices in recent franchise history have taken place in recent days. But for as much as the other 90 players on the roster will play a part in the Jaguars' success in 2022, none come close to the important of Lawrence.

“He looks sharp. He looks crisp. Gosh, he sees the field really well right now," Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said after the team's fifth practice. 

Since then, Lawrence has only gotten better, too, showing signs that he is taking the necessary step the Jaguars need him to in Year 2.

The best exercise one could do to judge Lawrence's growth is to compare this year's camp to his rookie training camp under Urban Meyer, Darrell Bevell and Brian Schottenheimer. And through 10 practices, Lawrence is nowhere near the same quarterback he was as a rookie. That is exactly what the Jaguars have needed to see.

"He’s commanding the offense. He’s still in the growth mentality, which is exciting. He still wants to get better each and every day. We’ve seen that out of him," Pederson said.

"He’s leading not only by example but being able to go up to players and talk to them about routes or protections with the o-line or whatever it may be. He’s in a good place. It’s still early in camp, but we like where he’s headed.”

There are vast differences, of course, such as the major upgrade the Jaguars have in Pederson compared to Meyer, along with the fact the Jaguars aren't foolishly making Lawrence split first-team reps with a backup like they did in 2021.

But there is also a significant difference in Lawrence. During the spring, Lawrence looked like a quarterback who was relying less on his physical tools than the year before, with the mental and cerebral part of his game catching up to his rare physical talent.

That is exactly what we have seen from Lawrence so far in training camp. The 2021 No. 1 overall pick was among the league leaders in interceptions as a rookie with 17, in large part because he would test windows and force passes that were too bold for even the strongest-armed quarterback. 

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This showed up in last year's camp, too, with Lawrence attempting too many risky throws and putting the ball in harms way, throwing five interceptions in his first 10 practices last season, including two in one practice. Lawrence flashed spectacular talent in his rookie camp, but he also showed that he was indeed a rookie. 

This year, though, there seems to be a natural maturation taking place in Lawrence's game. Through 10 practices this year, Lawrence has thrown just one interception. The number of bad decisions, of which there were quite a few a year ago, has dwindled considerably. 

Lawrence has seemingly been in complete sync with the offense and where the ball should go, showing a leap as a decision-maker the Jaguars needed to see him make. 

He has also taken a larger command of the offense, frequently communicating with wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, and offensive linemen after throws, both completions and incompletions. He diligently goes through the routes and protections with his teammates, ensuring he doesn't make the same mistake twice. And so far, he hasn't.

"The great thing about him and what I think is important is the open-minded communication between him and us receivers and the tight ends, and even his offensive line," Jaguars ide receiver Christian Kirk said. "If he sees something, immediately after the play he’s coming up to us, we’re talking it through and making sure we’re getting it right. That’s the kind of things you want to see from your quarterback and having that communication and getting better.”

"Being able to have that mindset, being able to pick other guys’ brains and being able to take coaching, even if it’s not from a coach. I may say, ‘Hey, I see this, and I think maybe try this,’ and it may work. He’s really open to taking that and taking that coaching, that reassurance from other guys, so being able to have that and that maturity is great to see.”

Lawrence is far from a finished product. There are still areas he needs to improve in, especially as the Jaguars have struggled in the red-zone during camp. But the second-year quarterback who was tasked with improving this season has seemingly done just that in camp, showing better overall accuracy, decision-making and consistency.

We won't know until Week 1 if Lawrence has truly taken that step, but all signs so far are that Lawrence will be ready. This camp could have gone a lot of different ways, but through the first 10 practices, Lawrence looks like the quarterback he and the Jaguars have always thought and hoped he would be.

"I feel like my arm got a lot stronger this offseason. Mechanics, I worked really hard on keeping everything a lot tighter, more fluid in my motion, working on all my arm slots, all that," Lawrence said on Monday.

"I just feel like the ball is coming out really from every angle the way I want it to. You’re going to miss a few every now and then, but this is the best that I’ve felt.”