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Jaguars vs. Rams: 5 Predictions in Longshot Matchup

How do we think the Jaguars' Week 13 tilt against the Rams plays out? We go through our five official predictions to find the answer.

Sunday isn't likely to be an easy day for the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the 2-9 Jaguars right in the middle of a three-game losing streak, the Jaguars will now have to travel to the West Coast -- where they have been historically woeful in franchise history -- and face off against a stacked 7-4 Los Angeles Rams team. 

While there will be few who pick the Jaguars to win against the Rams this Sunday, I do think it is paramount for it to be understood why the Jaguars are expected to lose as double-digit underdogs this weekend.

As a result, here are our official predictions for this weekend. From Trevor Lawrence to the defense, how do we see Sunday playing out?

Trevor Lawrence throws just one touchdown 

Touchdowns have been a big problem for the Jaguars' passing offense this season. Regardless of whose fault it is and who carries the most blame, there is no denying that just nine touchdown passes in 11 games is poor production -- especially when three of those touchdowns came in Week 1. Lawrence threw just one touchdown in all of November and I doubt that changes much this Sunday against a Rams' defense that is simply so much more talented than the Jaguars' offense. 

As a result, I think we see Lawrence continue his streak of no multiple passing scores in a game, throwing just one touchdown pass during the tilt. It isn't exactly Lawrence's fault that he has been barred from the end zone more often than not this season, but that doesn't really matter when it comes to Sundays. The Jaguars are lacking the weapons to challenge the Rams and thus Lawrence shouldn't be expected to throw for multiple scores.

James O'Shaughnessy leads Jaguars in targets

This should be a big week from James O'Shaughnessy from a volume standpoint. The Jaguars have fed tight ends in their offense this season, with veteran tight end Dan Arnold becoming Lawrence's favorite target over the last month before Arnold landed on IR with a knee injury. As a result, I think the Jaguars continue to try to get the tight ends involved this week, but instead do it with O'Shaughnessy as opposed to Arnold.

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I expect Ramsey to be on Marvin Jones for each of the snaps Ramsey is on the outside for. Add in the fact that Ramsey plays in the slot a solid amount and I am hesitant to think either Jones or Shenault see that many targets. That leaves O'Shaughnessy, who will be matched up with a less than impressive linebacker duo from the Rams. Whether he can turn those targets into big plays is one thing, but there is no reason for me to think O'Shaughnessy doesn't see a lot of work on Sunday.

Jalen Ramsey creates one turnover

The Jalen Ramsey Revenge Game is here. I am not exactly sure who Ramsey will be getting revenge against since Tom Coughlin and Dave Caldwell are no longer with the Jaguars, but I do think Ramsey comes out to this game with a bit more pep in his step than usual. Ramsey is the best cornerback in the NFL and already plays with a massive chip on his shoulder, so things should be no different this week.

As a result, I think Ramsey is able to force at least one turnover against a mistake-prone Jaguars offense. Whether it is picking off Trevor Lawrence as he bullies the Jaguars receivers or it is forcing a fumble against an offense that has seen skill players fumble in three of the last four games, this seems like a prime week for Ramsey to turn in a highlight-reel play.

Jaguars intercept Matthew Stafford once

Matthew Stafford has been a turnover machine in recent weeks, turning the ball over six times in the last three games (five interceptions, one fumble lost). The Jaguars are one of the worst teams in the NFL at creating takeaways, but Stafford is a gun-slinger who is clearly not at 100%. As a result, I think the Jaguars get lucky at least once and are able to benefit from a Stafford mistake. 

My money is on Tyson Campbell to come away with the interception, though I would also say Andrew Wingard is a decent candidate considering the Rams' frequency of throws to the middle of the field. Ultimately I am not sure just how impactful this turnover will be, but I do think the Jaguars are at least able to follow in the footsteps of the teams who have played before them in recent weeks.

Jaguars go into halftime down 20, lose 30-13

The Jaguars have been outscored 85-158 in first halves this season, a jarring unbalance that shows exactly why the Jaguars are as bad as they are this season. The Jaguars seemingly go into a massive hole at halftime each week, whether due to penalties, poor play on offense/defense/special teams, or simply looking like a slow-starting an unprepared team. I expect that to continue this week, with the Jaguars going into halftime down several scores before losing by 17.