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The Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-3. Even on a day in which they showed life and fight against one of the NFL's best teams, the Jaguars couldn't get out of their own way.

With the 31-19 loss now officially in the rearview mirror as the Jaguars move forward to an eventual Thursday Night Football matchup, we take a look at the biggest takeaways from the game. Who played well, what did we learn, and what does it all mean for the Jaguars moving forward? We break it all down below.

That was one of the most bizarre Jaguars games in years -- which is saying something

I can honestly say that was the most bizarre Jaguars game I have ever covered, which says a lot considering, well, *gestures at everything*. The Jaguars have lost some heartbreakers over the last 35 games, but Sunday's loss was more than a heartbreaker. It was a game that simply made no sense on any level, with the Jaguars doing nothing to take away from the hysteria. 

First, a referee forced a muffed punt by throwing a penalty flag AT the ball in the air, which is a first. At first, it looked like the Jaguars didn't pick up the fumble out of ineptitude, but I am now convinced they were as confused as everyone else at how the ball actually ended up on the ground.