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The Jacksonville Jaguars saw their starting center Brandon Linder carted off during the fourth quarter of Sunday's game versus the Tennessee Titans. 

The Jags were attempting to run in the ball on a fourth and goal from the one-inch mark. The play was unsuccessful and as the dust settled, it was clear Linder was badly injured. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence immediately went to his side. Other players joined as trainers attended to Linder.

His exact injury was clarified as a knee injury at the time. After he left the game, Tyler Shatley came in to snap. 

Linder is a team captain. Additionally, as a veteran center, his insight and experience have been lauded in helping to bring along rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence in his development. 

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“It’s been huge, critical for me," explained Lawrence during training camp and the preseason. "Just being a young quarterback that has a lot to learn and has come a long way, but still, having him up front, especially in the run game, is something that I haven’t had to handle much of in college and he’s really smart, he sees stuff as I’m seeing it. 

"Usually, as a quarterback, you have a really good view that sometimes they can’t see up front, but I mean, Linder is on it. He’s always seeing the rotation, does a great job and just teaching me, too. Like when we see something, what he’s looking at, I think we’re working great together.”

Linder's good friend Steve "Telly" Tellefsen delivered the "DUUVAL" chant to open the game on Sunday. 

This is the second offensive lineman the Jaguars have lost to injury in as many weeks. Starting right guard A.J. Cann left the week four game against the Cincinnati Bengals after he was rolled up on during a run play. Ben Bartch started today's game with Cann out. 

At the time of publishing, the Jaguars were trailing the Titans 31-19 with just over two minutes remaining to play.