Jaguars HC Doug Marone: 'We Are Not Playing With a Lot of Confidence'

John Shipley

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a total tailspin. What was once a promising 4-4 football team is now 4-9 and has endured not only one of the worst five-game stretches in team history, but in NFL history as well. 

Jacksonville, losers of five straight games by 17 points or more (first team since 1986 to do so), have been outscored 175-57 since their last win, which came in Week 8. The Jaguars hit their low point in Week 14 in a 45-10 loss to a visiting Los Angeles Chargers team that was 4-8 entering the game.

There isn't anything they do well as a team right now, and head coach Doug Marrone said the poor performances have led to a lack of confidence in his team.

"After yesterday, and then watching the film again and then brought the players in today, and I talked to the players about we’re out there – We’re not playing with a lot of confidence," Marrone said Monday. "We have to coach with better confidence, we have to play with better confidence and that’s my responsibility. So, I’ve got to do a good job and fight." 

Marrone's go-to move this season has been to place the failures of this season squarely on himself and his coaching staff. He did this once again Monday, but the fact that he pointed out his team lacks confidence during the worst period of his three-year tenure as Jacksonville's coach is notable. 

"It’s obviously disappointing. There’s a lot of words that can describe how we feel, but we don’t have that opportunity to sit back and feel sorry for ourselves," he said. "We have to go; we have to fight. Every day we’re earning something and every day we have to build this thing back to where we can go out there, and play with confidence, and coach with confidence and that starts with me.”

How can Marrone build up the confidence of his players and coaches? It starts with what they do each day in practice but overall it comes down to one simple thing: win football games again. 

When the Jaguars were 4-4 following a 29-15 victory over the Jets, the mood in the Jaguars' locker room was jubilant and as positive as it had been all of 2019. To say the team was confident then wouldn't be a stretch. 

Now, they have to find their way again. That starts with Week 15's game vs. the Oakland Raiders, a game Jacksonville's entire locker room and coaching staff needs to win strictly for morale purposes.

"I think it starts with the small things. Knowing that this is the way we want it done. I’m going to be able to get you to do it during the week, and then we need you to go out there and execute it on the field," Marrone said. "It comes with winning football games and we haven’t done that for five-straight [games]."